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Shotgun™ Key Chain

No Joke’s Shotgun™ key chain is an all in one bottle opener and shotgun
opener that also includes a tap popper for the ladies with long nails! A compact tool that is sure to impress the party crowd and increase the flow and laughter of a night out with friends.

Shotgun™ Key Chain – $3.49

Shotgun™ Key Chain (3) Pak – $8.99

The Beer Belt

Having The Beer Belt™ ensures you will never be out of reach from your next beer.

Why leave the party to grab another cold one when you have six more in reach?

The Beer Belt™ will hold six, twelve ounce cans or bottles of beer around your waist.

Each belt is constructed with waterproof ballistic nylon.

An oversized buckle and waist strap makes the belt extremely durable and it will

withstand the hardest of partiers.

The Beer Belt™ is perfect to bring to parties, NASCAR events, fishing trips,

or anywhere you plan on drinking.


The Beer Belt – $19.95